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Diagnostic Lab Services Washington, IN

If you are scheduled for a diagnostic lab test at Daviess Community Hospital, following the appropriate preparation guidelines is one way to make sure your provider gets accurate results and you receive your test without delays. Below you will find guides on what to expect and how to prepare for lab tests at our hospital.

Depending on the type of lab test you’re anticipating, your preparation could be as simple as filling out forms to requiring you to fast for several hours beforehand. These Lab Procedure Information sheets, available to you in a print-friendly form, answer common questions our patients ask us about their lab tests or procedures. We have included specific information about many procedures, including how to prepare, what to expect, and the care you may require after your procedure is over.

The lab is open 7 days a week for lab tests. Lab Hours are:
Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm check in through Admitting.
Monday-Friday 5 pm to 8 am and all day Saturday/Sunday check in through the Emergency Room.

Click on the name below to go to the lab test fact sheet:

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