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Milk Depot/Milk Express Site

Daviess Community Hospital is proud to be a Milk Depot and Milk Express site, in partnership with The Milk Bank, helping fragile babies survive and thrive.

The Milk Bank accepts donations of milk from carefully screened donors, then analyzes, tests, and pasteurizes the milk before dispensing it to hospitals. While the focus is on providing lifesaving donor milk for medically fragile infants, most pasteurized donor milk is dispensed to hospitals. The Milk Bank can also provide pasteurized donor milk to some infants at home through their outpatient program. The Milk Bank has financial assistance available for families with a medical need.

Daviess Community Hospital is proud to help protect the tissue supply by being a Milk Depot for approved donors! Anyone interested in becoming a donor must first contact The Milk Bank at 317-536-1670 or online at

Families can also pick up their orders of Pasteurized Donor Milk at our Milk Express Site. Order up to 40 ounces of Pasteurized Donor Human Milk to bridge a small gap in breastfeeding for things like illness, travel or between delivery and a successful breastfeeding routine. For long-term needs or families with a medical need (prematurity or failure to thrive for example) who need help with the processing fee, contact The Milk Bank at 317-536-1670.

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