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Intensive Care Unit Washington, IN

Acute Care Unit - 2nd Floor

Having a loved one placed in intensive care can be stressful, but rest assured that in this unit they will be under constant supervision of medical staff and have immediate access to advanced medical technology. Upon being admitted to the ICU, patients are evaluated by a physician to determine the type and extent of care to be provided. In the event a patient requires care outside of the ICU services offered, our staff will make the necessary arrangements to transfer the patient to a facility where they can get what they need.

The ICU is staffed by specially trained Registered Nurses and Telemetry Technicians. These compassionate professionals are committed to meeting the unique physical, psychological, and social needs of every patient.

The ICU is located on the 2nd floor in our new ACUTE CARE UNIT.

We Encourage Visits from Loved Ones

In many hospital ICU’s, visiting is allowed but very limited so as not to disturb the rest of other patients. Nothing matters more to us than the health, safety, and comfort of our patients, but we also understand the value visits from loved ones can have on the healing process. We have designed our ICU to allow for longer and more frequent visits from guests while still providing all of our patients with the peace and quiet they need.

Telemetry Phone Extension – 6030
Med/Surg & ICU Nurses Station Phone Extension – 6000
Med/Surg & ICU External Phone Number – (812) 254-8841
Med/Surg & ICU Internal Fax Number – 6028
Med/Surg & ICU External Fax Number – (812) 254-8899

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