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Pulmonary Rehab

Daviess Community Hospital offers a structured and individualized plan of care where the patient will learn how to manage an existing condition while participating
in a medically supervised health and fitness program designed to help improve overall ability to breathe.

Our pulmonary rehab team works with each patient to develop a rehabilitation program that meets the patient’s specific health needs.

If a patient experiences shortness of breath in his or her daily activities, a
respiratory problem may exist that can be treated with pulmonary rehabilitation.

Pulmonary rehab lessens the sensation of shortness of breath, while helping improve activity endurance and quality of life.

Pulmonary rehab is covered by most insurance companies.

About the Program

  • The patient will participate in a 18‐week exercise program consisting of two, 1‐hour sessions per week.
  • Additional sessions may include nutritional and stress management counseling.
  • Throughout the program, the patient is closely monitored and evaluated to ensure a safe and effective exercise progression.
  • The last session will include a re‐evaluation component to measure the progress made throughout the program.
  • Once the initial program objectives are met, we will provide the patient with a maintenance exercise program that enables the patient to continue physical activity independently at home or at an exercise facility.
  • The patient may be invited back for periodic evaluations of his/her progress. Each program is modified as the patient improves and periodic reports are made available to the physician, so he or she can monitor progress.

For more information please call 812-254-8895.

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