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Compliance Program

Upholding High Standards of Healthcare in Daviess County

At Daviess Community Hospital, we are in full compliance with all health care laws and ethical standards. We have even gone above and beyond the bare minimum standards set by local and state governments and earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval by passing their rigorous requirements for hospital safety and procedure.

Daviess Community Hospital is in compliance with:

  • Health Care Laws
  • Ethical Standards
  • Hospital Policies
  • State and Federal Laws
  • Anti-Kickback and Starke Laws
If you become aware of any apparent violation you must report it. Please report it to:

Joel Montgomery, DCH Compliance Officer
812-254-2760 Ext. 1161

Julie Alsman, DCH HIPAA Security Officer
812-254-2760 Ext. 1560

TOLL FREE HOTLINE: 1-800-340-5877

DCH Compliance Manual

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