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Peer Recovery Services

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For millions of people recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol, recovery can be an isolating process. Individuals may find that they have less in common with old friends than they thought, unsure of where to begin or where to go, and a peer recovery coach is a great way to help individuals feel less isolated and remember that they are on their own pathway to recovery. Making new, sober friends is often a part of recovery, but if you haven’t had time to do that yet, a peer recovery coach can serve as a great reminder of what you’re working toward.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a peer recovery coach is knowing that there is always someone in your corner. No matter what’s going on in your life, you know that this one person wants the best for you and your recovery. They represent the best of what recovery can do for an individual, and they are a reminder of what you can achieve if you stick with your recovery. A peer recovery coach’s job is to guide you through your addiction recovery. A peer recovery coach will help individuals create a vision for recovery, define goals, ask questions, listen, and help individuals reach their said goals.

Our Peer Recovery Coaches Can Assist Individuals in:
  • Providing emotional support throughout one’s recovery journey
  • Connecting individuals with community resources that will support their health and wellness
  • Offering help with practical needs, like securing housing or finding a job
  • Helping find connections to community supports, like recovery events and activities

Our Recovery Coaches can work with individuals who have active addictions, individuals currently in recovery, or anyone who is concerned about someone else’s use of alcohol or drugs. Click HERE to meet the coaches!

A Recovery Coach Does Not: Diagnose or treat addictions, Judge Anyone, or Tell Anyone what to do

All conversations are confidential.

If you or someone you know needs assistance, contact the Peer Recovery office at: 812-254-2760 ext. 4178 or please fill out a request form. Or visit the Meet Our Coaches page to learn more about us!


Director of Peer Recovery Services & Addiction Services
SOR3 Project Coordinator
Daviess Community Hospital
Ph: 812-254-2760 ext. 4178
Cell: 812-642-4297
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