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Lactation Services

Breastfeeding forms a unique bond between mom and baby, but it sometimes comes with difficulties. Daviess Community Hospital's breastfeeding services can help. Breastfeeding is a bonding experience that provides your baby needed nutrition while helping you both avoid future health problems, including cancer and diabetes. However, breastfeeding doesn't come naturally to all mothers. In these cases, we provide complete, personalized support for mom and baby. Even before you give birth, we offer support group classes and one-on-one consultations can give you expert tips for breastfeeding during your baby's first three months. We can assist with issues such as latching difficulties, soreness and milk production, and can answer any other questions.

We are proud to offer breastfeeding services provided by two International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. They offer both inpatient and outpatient visits. Our team is also available by phone for any questions or concerns and provides a monthly breastfeeding support group free of charge. A breastfeeding class is available as part of the childbirth series. Clickhere for the 2024 calendar.


Milk Depot and Milk Express Site
Daviess Community Hospital is proud to be a Milk Depot/Milk Express Site in partnership with The Milk Bank, making milk donation convenient and increasing access to pasteurized milk for families.

To become a milk donor, call 1-877-829-7470, email or go to You will be asked to fill out a donor application and medical history form. Consent forms from your physician as well as your baby’s physician will then need to be signed. Lastly, you will be asked to complete a blood test at the Milk Bank’s expense.

Lactation voicemail line: 812-254-2760 ext. 1344

Lindsey Zollman, BSN, RN, IBCLC
Board-Certified Lactation Consultant

812-254-2760 ext. 1344 lactation voicemail line

Jennifer Jerger, RN
Lactation Counselor
812-254-2760 ext. 1344 lactation voicemail line

Macy Wheat, RN, IBCLC
Board-Certified Lactation Counselor
812-254-2760 ext. 1344 lactation voicemail line

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