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Heart Monitoring Service in Washington, Indiana

Heart conditions can sometimes be unpredictable. If your Provider feels your heart needs to be monitored for a time before you can safely return home, they may refer you to the telemetry department. Many people consider this unit to be a less intense version of the ICU. Like the ICU, patients’ vital signs are monitored through medical devices and medical staff is close by the treat a patient in the event of an abnormal event. The main difference is that telemetry patients are generally considered to be at less risk than ICU patients and only their hearts are kept under constant observation. Additionally, telemetry devices are portable, and most patients can walk freely around the hospital while wearing them.

Our telemetry units measure, record, and transmit heart activity to our staff. An alerting function signals the nurse that a dangerous condition is present and needs immediate treatment.

For more information about the Telemetry Unit call 812-254-2760 EXT 6030.

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