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Women's Health Center Services Washington, IN

Providing a Family Centered Approach to Birth

Daviess Community Hospital’s Women’s Health Center is located on the second floor. We offer a variety of healthcare programs and services to address the specific needs of women at every life stage. From your childbearing years through menopause and beyond, we're committed to helping you stay well and live well.woman holding her new born with her family by her side

Birthing Center - With labor, delivery and postpartum care all in the same personalized space, DCH's birthing centers offer enhanced comfort and technology.

Lactation Services - Breastfeeding forms a unique bond between mom and baby, but it sometimes comes with difficulties. Daviess Community Hospital's breastfeeding services can help. Breastfeeding is a bonding experience that provides your baby needed nutrition while helping you both avoid future health problems, including cancer and diabetes. However, breastfeeding doesn't come naturally to all mothers. In these cases, we provide complete, personalized support for mom and baby. Even before you give birth, our support groups, classes and one-on-one consultations can give you expert tips for breastfeeding during your baby's first three months. We can assist with issues such as latching difficulties, soreness and milk production, and can answer any other questions.

Sometimes when babies are sick or arrive earlier than expected, their mothers do not produce enough milk. In these cases, donor milk is available from pre-approved donors. Additionally, we offer breast pumps for rent or purchase.

Here at Daviess Community Hospital, we are proud to offer breastfeeding services provided two International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. They offer both inpatient and outpatient visits. Our team is also available by phone for any questions or concerns and provides a monthly breastfeeding support group free of charge. A breastfeeding class is also taught as part of the childbirth series. Lactation voicemail line: 812-254-2760 ext. 1344

Birthing - Daviess Community Hospital is committed to providing the best in labor care, and to giving your baby a happy, healthy start in life. Every mom and baby are different and our goal is to help you both have the most fulfilling experience possible.

High-risk Pregnancy Care - Perinatal care starts when your OB-GYN identifies a health concern with mother or baby during the pregnancy. If your pregnancy is considered high-risk, we offer a Perinatal Navigator to educate and guide you throughout your pregnancy. She is available to help ensure that your pregnancy and birth experience are everything you hoped.

Pediatric Hospitalist - Miranda Schneider, NP is a nationally certified Nurse Practitioner specializing in newborn and pediatric care. She has over 15 years of experience in Newborn Intensive care, OB, and routine newborn and pediatric care. For the past 5 years she served as the lead Nurse Practitioner for Good Samaritan Hospital’s level II nursery. At Daviess Community Hospital, she will be combining her passion for teaching and newborn intensive care as she helps expand the Women’s Health Center to a level II nursery. The hospital will now be able to provide care for infants that require more than just routine care, such as those babies that are moderately ill, premature, or have other health issues.

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Shawna O'Kelley-Brinson, RN, Director of Obstetrics, Nursery and Childbirth Education
812-254-2760 Ext. 1345

Desiree’ Lewis, RN, BSN, DCH Perinatal Navigator
812-254-2760 Ext. 1333 or 812-696-6042 (texting welcome)

Melissa Schroeder, RNC, IBCLC
Lactation Consultant

Melissa Smith, RN, IBCLC, CPST-I
Lactation Consultant
Child Passenger Safety Instructor
812-254-2760 ext. 1359

Pediatric Hospitalist, Miranda Schneider, NP

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