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Aging Successfully

Aging Successfully: Providing Health & Prevention Education. A WISE and substance free educational program.

Aging Successfully in Daviess County (ASDC) is a new, grant funded prevention program. This program aims to help seniors live healthier. The program will provide information and awareness on substance use, mental health issues, abuse, addiction and the effects on individuals, families and communities. ASDC will provide seniors with local resources for prevention programs available in Daviess County. Together our staff hope to improve the local senior community's health and wellness to age successfully.

Are you 50 or older and looking for an opportunity to learn how to stay healthy and meet new people?

The educational program offers six lessons that cover a wide range of topics. Join us for this fun program, where you’ll meet new people and:

  • Learn about the aging process and how to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Celebrate this exciting stage of life and all the benefits that come with it
  • Discuss risk factors and behaviors you should avoid to stay healthy
  • Examine how alcohol, prescription medications and over-the-counter medications affect older adults differently and how you can avoid problems
  • Learn how to use simple tools to help you feel more empowered about your health and the healthcare you receive
  • Free refreshments and giveaways for participating in the program!

According to the American Academy of Neurology, regular reading can significantly reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's and other types of dementia. Moreover, reading regularly has been shown to alleviate stress, promote longevity, and foster meaningful social connections. It's always possible to take up reading or reignite the habit after retirement, as the benefits are still attainable.

To encourage seniors to embrace reading as a lifelong habit, we have curated a comprehensive guide that delves into the positive impact of reading on the aging process. This guide not only highlights the numerous benefits but also offers practical advice on how to integrate more reading into daily life. Additionally, it explores how libraries play a vital role in providing access to a diverse range of books and offers guidance on how to join local and interstate libraries for an enriched reading experience.

Click here to view this great resource!

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For more information please contact us at: 812-254-8886

Sarah Searl, BSW
Community Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder Practitioner
Fax: 812-254-8624

Kaylee Bynum, BSW
Community Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder Practitioner

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