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Financial Arrangements

The hospital's basic daily rate includes 24 hour nursing care, nutrition services, housekeeping services, and linens. It does not include special services that your Provider may order such as operating room, anesthesia, physical therapy, X-ray, medications, laboratory, or other specific diagnostic and therapeutic services.

The professional service fees of your personal physician and other specialists and consultants you may see are not included in the daily rate. These fees are billed to you directly by the physician and are payable by you or your insurance company.

Our staff will file a claim with your insurance company at the earliest possible date following your discharge. Follow-up will begin 30 days after the submission of the claim. We will provide all necessary information to your insurance company to make a determination for payment. You will be expected to make full payment of the account balance if insurance fails to pay timely or denies payment, and of your self-pay portion (co-insurance and deductible) at time of discharge.

If you do not have insurance, you will be expected to make payment or payment arrangements through the Business Office prior to registration unless the treatment is an emergency. Otherwise, your registration may be postponed in cooperation with your physician.

At Daviess Community Hospital, a financial counselor is on staff to discuss confidential arrangements with you or a member of your family. We accept cash, check, or credit card including Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express. We will assist you in applying for Medicaid and Charity Care.

Financial Assistance Program

We offer a Financial Assistance program for eligible patients who are unable to pay. An application will be given to any person who could reasonably be expected to act for the patient according to HIPAA criteria, has a reasonable basis to believe that the person may qualify for the uncompensated services, and can provide the information to establish eligibility.

DCH Financial Assistance Policy