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DCH Announces 2021 Nurses of the Year

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DCH Announces 2021 Nurses of the Year

Daviess Community Hospital Announces 2021 Nurses of the Year

Washington, IN - Much hard work and planning went into the “Nurses Week 2021” celebration at Daviess Community Hospital. The festivities concluded with a ceremony honoring nurses who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide exceptional care to patients.

The welcome address was given by Nancy Devine, DCH Chief Nursing Officer. “The nursing profession innately draws people who exhibit extraordinary personal strength amid circumstances most others would find daunting,” she remarked. “You are all super heroes, and simply put, incredible!”

It was announced at this reception that Jace Sama, RN has been named the 2021 Inpatient Nurse of the Year and Sharon Johnson, LPN, has been named 2021 DCH Clinic Nurse of the Year.

Attendees of the Nurses Recognition Reception listened with great anticipation as Libby Worland, RN, read the nominations that led to this year’s selection.

“The 2021 DCH Inpatient Nurse of the Year, Jace Sama, has been a very valuable employee at DCH since his career began,” said Worland. “Jace is known by many throughout DCH for compassion, energy and treating all coworkers, patients and their families with respect and dignity. He provides excellent care to all patients and consistently goes the extra mile to make sure patients are comfortable and well cared for. Patients love him and frequently comment on the wonderful care he provides.

It was also noted that DCH staff members look up to Jace and appreciate the way he cares for others. He is very efficient and thorough, has high ethical standards, and is an excellent mentor to other employees.

Jace has been involved in many additional roles and has taken the initiative to help with various tasks throughout DCH. He is actively involved in finding solutions to improve the patient experience at DCH and improve the work environment for our staff. Whether it was helping plan and provide education for coworkers, assists in PI projects, or work extra shifts, Jace is always a true team-player who cares for co-workers and patients.

Jace is currently working towards a Masters in Nursing Education and is a member of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. He recently became Certified in Critical-Care and received a CCRN in April. CCRN® (Adult) is a specialty certification for nurses who provide direct care to acutely/critically ill adult patients regardless of their physical location. Nurses interested in this certification typically work in areas such as intensive care units, cardiac care units, combined ICU/CCUs, medical/surgical ICUs, trauma units or critical care transport/flight.

Libby Worland also announced that the recipient of the 2021 DCH Clinic Nurse of the Year award is Sharon Johnson, LPN, from the DCH Health Pavilion.

“Sharon has been the true definition of a nurse for many years in the various roles and locations she has provided care,” Worland stated.

She went on to say that those honoring Sharon used the words grace, compassion, professionalism, passionate, dedicated, reliable and trustworthy to describe her character.

Sharon goes above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis and fulfills every duty no matter what it takes. All three nominees emphasized that she truly cares about all patients and makes each one of them feel special.

Patients have commented how much they appreciate Sharon and the time devoted to them, her advocacy for them and the assistance given to them to help with the transition from the hospital back into their home.

Other DCH Nurse of the Year nominees included Jennifer Bledsoe, RN (Nursing House Supervisor), Alexis Flater, RN (OB), Rebekah Hedrick, RN (Surgery), Lacey Himsel, RN (ICU), Nicole Plummer, RN (ICU), Lindsey Roach, RN (ICU), Kim Woodall, RN (Acute Rehab), Tracy Graber, RN (Physician Practice Management), Emily Thompson, RN (DCH Health Pavilion) and Katie Wininger, RN (Washington Surgical Associates).

Several nurses were also recognized for their continuing education over the last two years. They include:

Licensed Practical Nursing Degree – Kendall Dreiman, LPN; Dana Gross, LPN.

Associates Degree – Emily Davis, RN; Macy Dillon, RN; Kailey Fox, RN; Bonnie Haaff, RN; Krislyn Knepp, RN; Angel Belcher, RN; Breanna Holloway, RN; Makayla Osmon, RN.

Bachelor’s Degree – Hanna McCarter, RN, BSN; Libby Worland, RN, BSN; Katie Hedrick, RN, BSN; Stephanie Resenbeck, RN; BSN; Emily Thompson, RN, BSN; Bailey Walthall, RN, BSN, ,Katie Wininger, RN, BSN; Calyssa Lankford, RN, BSN; Melody Wininger, RN, BSN; Lacey Himsel, RN, BSN; Brianna Yoder, RN, BSN; Tracy Graber, RN, BSN; Kaylee Wagler, RN; BSN; Michael Blair; RN, BSN

Master’s Degree – Rebekah Hedrick, RN, NP; Jill Sluder, RN, NP, Leslie Guy, RN, NP; Leanna Graber FNP-BC; Jace Sama, RN.

Certifications: Janell Berry, RN (Certified Emergency Nurse, Trauma Certified Nurse), Samantha Burton, CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), Jessica Devine, RN (Trauma Certified Nurse), Jessica Kavanaugh, NP (Certified Medical Examiner), Sierra Mahan, CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), Hannah McCarter, RN (Certified Medical Surgical Nurse), Sharon Mead, RN (Certified Oncology Navigator) ,Tia Oaks, CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), Taryn Romero, CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), Jessica Saez, CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), Jace Sama, RN (Critical Care Certified Nurse) Ellen Taylor, CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), Connie Wilson, RN (Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach, Certification in Christian Life Coach).

Hospital CEO Tracy Conroy gave the final comments to the audience. “Thank you to all the nurses for continuing to have the spirit of a warrior and navigating the battlefield with even greater humility, courage, compassion, and bravery than ever before.”