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DCH Sleep Disorders Center Receives Accreditation

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  • Written By: Jen Houchins
DCH Sleep Disorders Center Receives Accreditation

DCH Sleep Disorders Center Receives Accreditation

(Washington, IN) –Daviess Community Hospital is pleased to announce that the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has granted accreditation for a period of five years to the DCH Sleep Disorders Center. This accreditation includes all types of sleep testing, including in-center polysomnography (PSG), multiple sleep latency testing (MSLT), maintenance of wakefulness testing (MWT) and home sleep apnea testing (HSAT).

“The process begin back in 2016,” explained Valerie Roark, Director of Cardiopulmonary and Sleep Diagnostics at Daviess Community Hospital. “We chose AASM over two other accreditation organizations for our credentialing because they truly are the sleep experts.”

Once AASM was chosen, Ms. Roark and Dr. Anand Bhuptani, who is a Pulmonologist for DCH and medical director for the sleep lab, began a year long process of completing the application process. The application requires many statistics, diagnosis codes, proof of hospital license, blueprints of the sleep lab and credentials for every physician and technician who is involved in the sleep program. Once the application is submitted, AASM replies with any corrective measures. When the application is finally approved, the date for on onsite survey is set. This onsite survey can last 6 – 8 hours and involves a physician from AASM reviewing the entire application and our compliance with accreditation standards with the DCH sleep professionals.

“This accreditation is huge for a hospital our size,” remarked Roark. “It speaks highly to Daviess Community Hospital and our commitment to providing the highest possible quality of care to the patients visiting our sleep center and doing so with both the patient and technicians safety foremost in our mind.”

The AASM is committed to ensuring that those in the field of sleep medicine provide excellent healthcare and enhance the awareness of sleep as an important element for health, public safety, and quality of life. By successfully completing the accreditation process and upholding the Standards for Accreditation, the DCH Sleep Disorders Center has shown that they are dedicated to the advancement of the field of sleep medicine through testing, education and helping physicians to diagnosis sleep disorders.