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Character is the very foundation of who we are as individuals. How we express, react, rely, and live our life communicates who we are to each other. Character can be described in a variety of ways: the inward motivation to do what is right, who you are even when no one is watching, and the key to true success in every area of life. Good character qualities are necessary for success in all activities of life, including school, work and everyday relationships with people. Building character is different than learning a set of skills. Once a person learns to read, ride a bicycle, or operate a machine, these skills are hard to forget. Character, by contrast, is formed and reinforced every day in the decisions a person makes.

What We Do

The Character Council of Daviess County exists to support, provide resources for and encourage area businesses, schools, city government, community and faith-based organizations to promote character to create a strong, safer, and more unified community. Washington Community Schools participate in the Character Matters movement. Each month, schools, businesses and organizations participating will focus on the same character trait. We hope you and your family will join us to create a better Daviess County!


  • January-Honesty: Showing other they are valuable by how you treat them.
  • February-Forgiveness: Deciding that someone that has wronged you doesn't have to pay.
  • March-Courage: Being brave enough to do what you should do, even when you are afraid.
  • April-Responsibility: Proving you can be trusted with what is expected of you.
  • May-Initiative: Seeing what needs to be done and doing it.
  • June-Integrity: Doing what is right even when no one is looking.
  • July-Tolerance: Accepting other who make choices different than your own.
  • August-Kindness: Showing other they are valuable by how you treat them.
  • September-Respect: Showing others they are important by what you say and do.
  • October-Self-Control (Red Ribbon month and No bullying month): Choosing to do what you should do not what you want to do.
  • November-Gratitude: Letting others know you see how they've helped you.
  • December-Humility: Putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve.

Character Council Committee

Vicki Murello – vmurello@bethanycc.net
Kathi Atienza – kathiatienza@hotmail.com
Ericka Frances – edf3boys@hotmail.com
Terry Fleckensteiner - jxdx@statefarm.com
Shawn Gray – snkgray@sbcglobal.net
Angie Steiner – asteiner@dchosp.org
Flo Lloyd - Flo.lloyd@gmail.com
Pam Padgett – ppadgett@pacecaa.org

To become a Business of Character Program, click here.
To support the Character Matters Initiative, contact us at 812-254-8858 or via email