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Advocates for Smart Teen Choices

Affiliates of Daviess Community Hospital

When you’re young, you’re options for healthcare and support resources are limited. Without money, it may seem like you’re stuck with whatever situation you find yourself in, whether you are dealing with addiction, depression, or abuse. There are community resources out there designed to help you!

At Advocates for Smart Teen Choices, our mission is to carry out the goals of a sustainable strategy that encourages teens to make wise decisions regarding health education and character through collaboration, education, and advocacy.

Vision Statement:

Advocates for Smart Teen Choices envisions a community working together to inspire and educate our teens to make smart life choices.

Additional Resources for Teens

Making health decisions is difficult when you’re young. While trying to educate teens on practices that will aid their long-term growth, we also connect them with valuable resources both in the community and nationwide.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Depression, Anxiety, and Mental Health

Crisis, Violence, and Abuse

Online Safety

Local Resources

  • Daviess Community Hospital
  • Daviess County Health Department
  • Washington Community Schools
  • Pregnancy Care Center
  • Power House
  • Heartland OB/GYN
  • Purdue University Extension


Board Members

Kathi Atienza – kathiatienza@hotmail.com
Ericka Frances – edf3boys@hotmail.com
Angie Steiner – asteiner@dchosp.org
Shawna O’Kelley – sokelly@dchosp.org
Cheryl Jones – cjones@dchosp.org
Jo Meece – jmeece@wcs.k12.in.us
Kathy Sullender – Kathy.sullender@daviess.org
Vicki Murello – vmurello@bethanycc.net
Linda Obaseki – lobaseki@paceaa.org