Pediatrics Unit

Pediatrics Unit

Pediatric Care

When your child needs medical care, you undoubtedly want the best for them. At Daviess Community Hospital, we offer the same high quality services you’ll find in large hospitals from our convenient, close-to-home location in Washington, Indiana.

We want nothing more than to help your family feel comfortable at ease. Going to the hospital can be a scary experience for a child, which is why we have created a kid-friendly, soothing pediatric unit to help them feel more at ease. Our medical staff is very friendly, and our pediatric nurses and physicians are trained on how to interact with young children in a hospital setting. You can trust our family to do its part to make you and yours feel at home.

Parents Play a Vital Role in Recovery

One thing parents have a hard time with is feeling powerless to help their child when they’re sick or injured. The truth, however, is that just by being there for them you play an important role in their recovery.

Mind and body work together to keep everything working smoothly. When you are by your child’s side and providing them with love and support, they have an easier time staying calm and remaining positive. Having a familiar presence close by makes the hospital feel less intimidating. While you cannot wish your child to health again, know that the time and energy you put into their welfare has a big impact.

You can reach out to the Pediatrics Unit at 812-254-2760 EXT 1451.