Visiting Hours

NO Visiting Hours at this time due to COVID-19

We understand the importance of visitors for our patients' emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Family, friends and clergy may visit during the hours listed below. Please be advised, visitors may be asked by staff to leave, especially if a patient needs rest. Any visitor with symptoms or signs of a communicable illness or disease should not visit the hospital. Also, due to infection control guidelines, children under a certain age may be asked to not visit specific areas.

Sending Gifts to Patients

Letters, flowers, and other gifts can be sent to the hospital with the patient’s name and room number. We deliver gifts to patient rooms daily. Mail delivered to the hospital after a patient’s discharge will be forwarded to their home. For the safety of our patients, flowers and plants are not allowed in the Intensive Care Unit. Additionally, we ask that you do not bring Mylar balloons into the hospital as some patients may be allergic.

General Medical/Surgical Units - Visiting hours are open, but may change during flu season.

Mother/Baby Unit - Visiting hours are open but may change during flu season.

Labor and Delivery Unit

To provide an environment where the patient can be supported by family members during their hospitalization, yet allow medical staff to provide the highest level of care, visitors will be allowed in LDR based upon the patient’s condition and at the discretion of the attending physician/nurse in consultation with the patient. Additional visitors are welcome to wait in the family lounge area, which is located on the LDR unit.

Intensive Care

Visiting hours are tailored to fit the needs of our patients. Please check with the nurse about appropriate visiting hours for your loved one by calling 812.254.8852.

Acute Rehabilitation Unit

In general, visiting hours are limited to daily after 3 p.m. to allow patients to fully participate in their rehabilitation program. Please check with the nurse about appropriate visiting hours for your loved one by calling 812.254.8887.

Transitions Behavioral Unit

Check with the unit regarding visitation hours by calling 812.254.8886.