DCH Foundation Gifts Benefit Patients, Athletes

Daviess Community Hospital Foundation Gifts Benefit Patients, Athletes

Washington, IN – The Daviess Community Hospital Foundation Board of Directors recently approved a request for funding to benefit student athletes and spectators at local sporting events.

Scott Sell, Director of Athletic Training at the CORE Center, gave a presentation to the Foundation board outlining the need for and benefits of have an Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) unit for each of the DCH athletic trainers to use on the field or court in a medical emergency.

“These units will be used at Barr-Reeve High School, North Daviess High School & Vincennes University,” stated Sell. “The donation of AEDs from the DCH Foundation will equip the athletic trainers with the necessary tools to provide emergency services on the sidelines and allow them to respond quickly to an emergent situations.”

Research shows that the chance of survival from a cardiac event decreases 10% for every minute an AED is not applied. AEDs search for life-threatening disturbances in the rhythm of the heartbeat. Through controlled electrical shocks, AEDs stop arrhythmia and let the heart resume a natural rhythm. AED devices walk the rescuer through every step of safely using the device. Pictures and labels make use simple, and some models even provide instruction on CPR.

At sporting events, the chances of injuries or medical emergencies are heightened. Both the forces experienced by the athletes and the excitement of the fans are potentially dangerous. In these situations, it is even more important to have on hand both life-saving equipment like an AED and personnel knowledgeable in AEDs and CPR. It may never be needed, but it may just save a life.

To learn more about DCH Athletic Training services, please call 812-254-2673. For information about the DCH Foundation, please call 812-254-8858.