Women's Health Fair

DCH will be hosting its annual Women's Health Fair! We will have several vendors, guest speakers, giveaways, and valuable information offered. Mark your calendars for February 13, 2018!

FREE SCREENINGS for women 18 and older including:

Blood Pressure, BMI, Glucose and Cholesterol (finger stick), Memory screen, Pulse Oximetry, Carbon Monoxide screen, Bone Density screen, and information on Pelvic Floor Therapy, Breastfeeding, Car Seat Safety, Lypmedema and Women’s Health Care.

DIGITAL MAMMOGRAMS (by appointment only).

Please call 812-254-8851 to schedule. Please have an order from your provider. Many insurances cover screening mammograms. Some individuals may qualify for the DCH Breast Grant to assist with this expense. Call for more information.


Lab Work for Chem 16 & total cholesterol panel= $40.00 (see below)

Glucose and cholesterol = $25.00 (see below)

Electrocardiogram (EKG) = $25.00

*Fasting for 8—12 hours is necessary for accurate blood work results. It is acceptable to take prescribed medications with water.

** The Chemistry Panel includes 16 essentials tests including: Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Carbon Dioxide, Albumin , Alkaline Phos-phatase , Bilirubin Direct, Bilirubin (Bil) Total, Aspartate Transaminase, Alanine Transaminase, Blood Urea Nitrogen , Total Protein, Calcium, Creatinine, Phosporus and Glucose.

Upcoming Events


2.13.2018 @ 7:00am

1314 E Walnut St
Washington, IN 47501-2860
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Room: Education Room 1

Registration Type: No Registration Required